We are a complete workshop, we offer training for people different field in in different fields of Auto Mechanic. We are dedicated to providing prompt, friendly car maintenance services. We stock a large inventory for quick turnaround times and recycle hazardous waste products. One of our main goals is staying updated on any changes in the industry to always offer you the latest information and repairs. Our Auto workshop offers free OBD II Test and free Emission Test for our clients. We also train our clients to understand their vehicle, most break down faults are hardly sudden, there must have been some warning signs. We have an open platform for every client depending on the vehicle they bring forth, we open them to understanding all type of vehicle and their respective sounds/ signs of faults. We encourage our customers to be registered with us and we keep all information sacred, we encourage registration for our customers so they can benefit from out free 24hrs rescue services within cities closer to out Auto Workshop Address.

The interest of every vehicle owner is the great health of their vehicle, which is why we are all out to serve you better and your smiles is always in our best interest. Don’t always wait till something feels “off” with your vehicle before doing a random check. Our expert Claudorc Support Integrated LTD ( CSI ) will assess your vehicle and provide solutions.

  From routine maintenance/ Service, Auto Repair *Engine*, Fuse and technical wire connections, Body parts maintenance and repair * Dented Body and also painting. Our Tech group at CSI will serve you better, better than you ever imagined. We are proud to be your “neighborhood mechanic.” We’ve got the experience, expertise, the latest tools and technology to properly diagnose and repair most automobile makes and models.

We have worked hard over the years  be the preferred auto shop in the industry by providing extra ordinary customer service and high quality auto repair at affordable prices through technology and integrity. We stay updated on latest devices, softwares and information for technical support, services and accessories. We also have the best reform of guarantee for our client. We have eared our bragging right in the Nigerian automobile market with integrity, sustainability and mutual appreciation of our customers.

  We have the best and modern spray booth called SprayTron.  SprayTron is the newest generation of spray booth on the market to date. It is high-performing, automated and it is built with the best burner, the best fans and the best material available on the market. It can work as a conventional spray booth using hot air from the burner or with radiant waves using a robot.

* Routine Maintenance
* Engine/ Body repairs
* Electrical/ Technical Solutions
* Wheel Balancing
* Computerized Wheel Alignment
* All types of vehicle Armoured Tyre Solution
* Best hands on Spare part International/ Local
* Modern SprayBooth

* Free Automobile Consultancy
* Free Diagnosis ( OBD II Test )
* Free Emission Test